Friday, 14 November 2008

UZOMA OKERE: demoCRAZY in action! A Rejoinder to Hakeem Babalola's Article

By Ronks
A Rejoinder
I watched the video with distaste and anger in my veins. Arguing with my own eyes, (this cannot be true, it must be a movie location, they cannot be humans, and maybe they are aliens from the 13th planet.)read more



It is so sad that in a nation where we are struggling to get a stronger democratic footing, such things continue to happen.


I am so glad that as a people we are using this brutality to challenge the attitude that Nigerians should be maltreated by the military charged with serving us.

Hopefully Uzoma and others will achieve justice by us all working together.

buki said...

It is a shame that a matter that is clear and visible like the sunrise, is still being "investigated" even though it has generated a lot of protests from nigerians just goes to show how warped the minds of our leaders are.