Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Crook Game

Hakeem Babalola
Nigerian Politics

Obasanjo met Atiku because the former wants to remain the first and only military and civilian president. Obasanjo wants to prevent his counterpart in tyranny, Babangida who has found favour in Yar'Adua and who has made the move to rival Obasanjo by contesting in 2011. Although Atiku also wants to be president at all cost, the game is between the two ex-soldiers who need civilians to manipulate the game. These perpetual liars 'witches' are just poking fun at the entire nation read more


Law Mefor said...

Atiku has clearly joined the other side; or rather he has now shown he is on the other side – with enemies of the people.

But I am not really surprised. When I wrote off Atiku was in 2003, when he watched Innocent Audu Ogbe (then PDP chairman) number ballot papers to track down state delegates who voted against Obasanjo at the PDP primaries at Eagle Square. That was the day democracy was killed and buried in Nigeria and Atiku wrote the epitaph.

Those who fell into the trap had Ribadu and Obasanjo’s EFCC on their backs. The same dogs also turned against Atiku when he opposed Obasanjo’s 3rd term bid and forced him out of the presidential race.

Now, the same Atiku went to Obasanjo for endorsement and rapprochement. Why? It is all the conspiracy of Nigerian political , ruling elite I wrote about in December.

The cabals are shopping for Yar’Adua’s replacement. But the more dangerous card on their chest is hoisting a one party state on Nigeria, as a means of guiding the democracy and maintaining a unitary system despite its rejection by our people.

Issues like fiscal federalism cannot be tolerated by them and that is why they have to hold down the agitation and the people through imposing of governments across board. But for how long will they succeed? While doing this, they inadvertently erode the chances of the nation working on development and true unity and workable federal structure.

But the other disturbing end is the military which will reemerge as the only credible opposition in the absence of any. But who cares!

Of course those who make peaceful changes impossible make violent changes inevitable (apologies JFK).

2011; it is either Atiku or IBB. Nigerians better brace up for it because the noose is leady and tightening round the neck of the poor. They are even getting to weak to resist.

Gongo-aso said...

Atiku is a male prostitute. How desperate can a man get? NDP, PDP, AC, PDP, Which party will he be in come 2011? ANC?

Nigeria needs a sudden and violent wind of change! The people should wake up from their deep sickening slumber.

Gbolly said...

Thank you, Hakeem, for enlightening us. Ha, Nigerians' leaders. Why do our leaders forsake Nigeria at all cost? When is the suffering going to cease?