Saturday, 31 January 2009

Mariam's Moving Story

Help Maria Stanford
I almost dismissed this story as 419 (fraud) when it was sent to me for publication. Although I trust the source who forwarded the story, but then someone might have hacked into his e-mail address in order to solicit for fund. After confirming from him and after doing my own research, I found Mariam story to be genuine. Mariam Stanford, an albino, was almost used for a ritual. Her hands were cut just because of who she is. This is a story you must read... read more

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Emmanuel Buhohela said...

Hi Hakeem,

Its my sincere hope that you are doing fine the same do I.

I want to confess to you and all people tha the story puplished on your blog its a true incident and not a fraud as other people may think.

I am Emmanuel Buhohela a Production Officer at a Radio Kwizera a religious Radio based in Ngara Tanzania.

This Radio Station belongs to Jesuit refugees Serveces, we (RADIO KWIZERA)broad cast the Mariam incident for the first time.

Realising the hard time which Mariam is passing we open an bank Account at NMB Bank Ngara Branch and we asks our listener to contribute whatever they have including material support on which one should bring at our Radio Station but for the case of any kind of cash should be deposited at her bank account.

There for I confess that I do know Mariam and for the time being she still in the Hospital as she refuses to go back at her palce as she feared of her life.

Ngara District Council offer her a plot of land at town but she cant build a house at the given plot as she is poor together with her all familiy.

If you want to know more abaout her we can communicate.


Emmanuel Buhohela