Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bob Marley: A Prophet Remembered

Hakeem Babalola
Remembering A Prophet

For a man or woman to be born great, his or her story must reflect that of an archetype. It must have a powerful and ever growing resonance that embodies among other themes: political wisdom, metaphysical and artistic insights. The story of a legend won’t complete without gangland warfare and periods in a mystical wilderness. To be born great means to enjoy an icon-like status more akin to that of the rebel myth of Che Guevara than to that of a pop star. To be born great means to survive an attempt to be silenced. To be born great means to perform in front of 80,000 crowds with bullet wound two days earlier. To be born great means to be simple despite the stardom. To be born great is to be Bob Marley...Read more


thagodfada said...

Cudos. That was a nice piece on Bob Marley. I happen to be a marley fan too but comparing him to Jesus would be going a little too far. Coming from the standpoint of equal-rights-and-justice-for-all, i understand your point but if standing up for your rights makes you equal to christ, then i guess Martin Luther King Jr. (one of my heros) would fall under that category. Yes, Bob was a great man, Yes his music has a message and Yes he touched a lot of people but that is what we as God fearing human beings are surposed to do. He only did it better than most of us are doing today. We had a voice like that crying in the wilderness in nigeria once, his name was Fela Kuti and he met with several opposition too. What we as a people need to do is strive to make a mark in this world like these people did. But there is a thin line between inspiration and spirituality. Bob was an inspiration to many. He taught us that one man can truly make a difference. Once again cudos, great article.

felason said...

Nice one Akoko, Its a good write up, I always enjoy your articles.I am a great fan of Bob Marley too and i think the message in his lyrics are so relevant for the progess of world peace and freedom.I have also read your article on the great Fela Anikulapo Kuti,who I think is the greatest Artist in modern Times to come out of our Motherland . Both Bob and Fela's music captivates the mind in such a postive way that other music rarely does, this may be due to the fact that they fulfill both spiritual and physical law of art which is to "delight and enlight".No matter what the critiques say these man shall forever live in hearts of humanity through their musical genius.

"There's a natural mystic flowing throuhg the air
If you listen carefully you will hear"

The sustaining light
which is our origin
that calls us near
bid us to tune in
but we cant
ignorant of hear?
choosiing not to loggin
to our creators site.

hap said...

Bob marley and martin luther are both beyond graetness which i concurred with you. For the whole world sees thier greatness without prejudice despite the usual devils hands. For jesus,yes, it was alleged he was great by whom, and the atrocity that has been committed under the disguise of the unknow man. Thanks

SangoKing said...

The lyrics for the song 'War' were taken from a speech made by Haile Selassie, president of Ethiopia - Rastafarians were the first people to give me a true feeling of self worth, because they helped me change my perception of the noble characters in the bible from white to black - a most effective means of rectifying a formally colonized mind - Jah bless!

felason said...

Thanks Sangoking,for that info I never knew Haile Selassie,was the originator of the words,however Bob gave it life in his music.What did u think of my impruptu little poem, I intended it to somehow summarize my own understanding/interprtation of the lyrics
"There's a natural mystic flowing throuhg the air
If you listen carefully you will hear"
taken form song tittled "War" by Bob Marley

@ Sangoking do you knwow if tis true that the Rastafarian Religion takes Haile Selassie as a sort of god. sorry to digress but since you brought it up I am taking the opportunity to find out if you can shed some light on it or anyone else reading thanks

Ire O (peace)