Thursday, 12 February 2009

Nigerian Diplomats Are Incompetent: A Rejoinder to Hakeem Babalola's Article

By Bankole Okuwa
Nigerian Affairs

First, allow me to make a general statement about us that we are all responsible for the hopeless situation we have found ourselves as Nigerians either in Hungary or any other foreign country. Though the bad eggs in our midst are the direct causes of our general malady, yet we all have to bear the brunt together.

Second, the Nigerian government from time immemorial lacks efficiency and ability to handle the problems of Nigerians anywhere on the globe including at home. Our Embassy officials are uncouth, untrained, impolite, irresponsible and outright lazy. They antagonize Nigerians that they are supposed to serve. They treat non-Nigerians better than Nigerians they are supposed to serve.

As a person, I hesitate to relate with them because they are in foreign lands to serve their personal interests. They are the most unprofessional diplomats I know. It is a shame. I am not sure the Hon. Minister Ojo Maduekwe knows or is aware of what I am saying here. That is the way it has always been. May be they are not well trained for the job.
Third, the Hungarian government reads about the massive corruption in our country. The Nigerian elite is absolutely dishonest and corrupt at home. All foreign embassies in our country send all these horrible news to their home countries regularly and so what do we expect the result to be.

The pastor of the Redeemed church of God of Nigeria has just purchased a trans-atlantic airplane, a 707 aircraft. Is n't that something? The Pope who is a head of the Catholic church and also head of the state of Vatican which is a member of the United Nations does not possess a jet plane. We are deep in a character crisis as a people and we are being destroyed and maligned everywhere by our in-depth corrupt life.

May God come to our rescue. Amen. Nigerians in Hungary may continue to appeal to God for His mercies. I don't know what the result will be.

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