Thursday, 25 March 2010

Q & A: Taking A Job In Hungary

Hello Small Voice

I will be taking a job in Hungary. Is this place safe for black people? I'm a black American male, and I was considering taking a job in Hungary. I have traveled the whole world and never had any problems. I do not have a lot of experience in the Eastern European countries. I do not want to go anywhere where I will be harassed or experience violence because of my skin color. Please be open and very honest in your opinion. Thank you

If you mean the so-called disgruntled youths known as skinhead showing hatred towards dark skin people, yes there are many of them but attacking us is not well pronounced. Violence towards foreigners - most especially dark skin people is not common here - although there is public xenophobic sentiment. And of course there's no 100% guarantee. There have been very few cases of attack. But Budapest is not a dangerous place. The discrimination is not more than what one can experience in say America or Britain or France - if you get the gist. Small Voice trusts you will enjoy your stay in this Danube region.

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