Saturday, 10 April 2010

Alfred & Archie Dazzle School Kids

 Community Report
By Hakeem Babalola

Alfred Sankor and Archie Bonka have left a mark that will for long time lingers in the memory of Theresa Town Bilingual pupils, parents and teachers when they produced a dazzling performance that electrified the whole school.

The school which celebrated its annual English Evening on Friday 30th of April in Budapest was impressed by the duo’s skill, qualities and beauty.

“That was a fantastic performance,” said the Director after the show. Many students also appreciated the presence of the duo with comments like perfect, funny, interesting, and other positive adjectives.

Sankor, popularly known as Fela because of his personal and professional relationship with the late Afro-beat King, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, moved the audience with his powerful pair of congas while Bonka in his Masai and Ashanti costume created a magnetic appeal with his body rhythm and dancing steps.

This left the students without choice other than to come on stage and join the fun by trying the steps. It was something the school has never witnessed before.

Talking to Small Voice about the fact that they did the show for free, Bonka said philosophically, “Sometimes there are other handsome gains apart from monetary”. 

Who or what can beat that?

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