Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Closure of Savannah Restaurant

 By Hakeem Babalola

When Savannah Restaurant was opened on December 12 2008, it was Small Voice that first reported the news among major news organisations in Hungary and environ. It was a thing of joy to witness the birth of an African restaurant in Budapest.

The news reached many Africans across the world, and some wrote in to know the location of the restaurant so that if they visited Hungary, they could go straight there. Small Voice specifically recommended the restaurant to Africans in the Diaspora.

So it was sad to hear that such up and coming African restaurant in Budapest has suddenly closed down before serving its intended purpose. What could have gone wrong? After all, there are Chinese and India restaurants surviving in Budapest and Hungary at larger. What could have gone wrong?

Thus it begs the question whether any African business – apart from the pool of NGO  – can survive in Hungary. Is it the approach to business that is making it difficult for African businesses to survive? Or is there someone somewhere lurking around that does not want the success of African restaurants in Budapest

We can only speculate as there’s no evidence to support such thinking. When Small Voice asked Szalatnyai Miriam, co-owner, about the sudden closure, she simply said: “We are opening another one”. 

Meanwhile, Small Voice gathered that the couple have opened somewhere else - Almássy tér 6 - but as a Music Club.  

Whatever Small Voice wishes them the best, or whoever it is that planning to open a business of such magnitude in this Danube region. If other continental cuisines can survive the business test in Hungary, so is African cuisine.  

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